After multiple botched investigations in high profile cases, such as, OJ Simpson and Jon Benet Ramsey, investigators will likely take their time investigating, Aaron Hernandez. Hernandez is certainly a person of interest in the death of semipro football player Odin Lloyd on June 18, 2013. Apparently, the two men were friends and Hernandez was one of the last people to see him alive. Odin was found shot to death approximately 1/2 mile from the Hernandez home. The police obtained a search warrant and have sent teams of investigators to the Hernandez. Search Warrant Requirements and Michigan Criminal Defense. 

The police have also sent Divers to a pond behind the Hernandez home, undoubtedly looking for a murder weapon. Although Hernandez has been rumored to have a hot temper, that certainly cannot be the basis for an arrest. The investigator’s will be trying to piece together a circumstantial case using text messages, emails, and phone records. This process requires a lot of manpower and time. In the mean time, Hernandez is not saying much to the public. In my experience, more often than not a suspect will publicly deny their involvement.Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Lawyer