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Stryker Hip Replacement Claims

Stryker Hip Replacement Litigation and Recall

Stryker Corporation a major world player in the manufacture of medical equipment and orthopaedic devices on July 6, 2012 recalled two of its artificial hip implants systems specifically the Rejuvenate Modular and ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stems. The company halted all world sales and production of these implants devices. Victims suffered painful side effects like tissue and bone death at the implant site and early device failure, Stryker is now faced with numerous lawsuits. The recall noted an “Urgent Field Safety Notice” to implant surgeons and hospitals because of the potential health hazards associated with the implants. The metal in the devices cause corrosion and “fretting,” which allows the metallic components to leach into a patient’s tissues, bones and/or bloodstream causing serious Injury. The devices are made of chromium and cobalt, and the stems are coated with titanium metal. When these parts rub against each other where the neck meets the stem, they can shed metallic debris into the body and lead to complications.

Why should I make a claim for pain and suffering due to a Stryker Hip Replacement?

The answer is that the systems will cause serious and permanent damage to patients.

Stryker’s Rejuvenate and ABG II modular-neck hip implant products are causing patients to file lawsuits to seek compensation pain and suffering, expenses, disability and permanent injury and new surgery costs. Stryker knew or should have known that the product was inherently more dangerous than other available hip implants because of its risk of fretting and corrosion, premature failure rate and an increased need for additional surgeries. The devices cause metals to rub against each other and release toxic particles into patients’ bodies, leading to severe and permanent destruction of bone and tissue. The plaintiffs’ claims focus on the performance of these hip implants, particularly their tendency to cause tissue damage, corrode and fail prematurely.

Compensation for Defective Hip Implants under the Stryker Plan

Stryker hired Broadspire Services Inc., a third-party claims administrator whose parent company claims to be the world’s largest insurance and claims adjuster, to handle settlement of claims for patients affected by the recall. If you have a Stryker Hip replacement you should consult the Law Offices of Gerald R. Stahl. The types of injuries suffered by the recipients very greatly and the effect on every person’s life will be different. Some patients suffer more because of enviromental factors and activities in their life

Claims against Stryker include such things as lack of testing. The prostatic device’s corrode, deteriorate and cause severe metal toxicity in patients .The manufacturer failed to properly warn doctors and patients about the dangers of the device, including heavy metal toxicity. The toxic metal in the device migrates into the patient’s bodies, leading to severe and permanent destruction of bone and tissue. The manufacturer knew or should have known that the devices are inherently more dangerous than other available hip implant options. The key will be to compensate the victims for their damage in the past, present and future.

You Need an Experienced Attorney for Your Defective Stryker Hip Replacement claim

An attorney will allow the best chance at true compensation in the hip Implant debacle. If you decide to navigate it without counsel you will be subjected to a high degree of risk. You need counsel to eliminate the risk they will wrongfully refuse your claim. Stryker and Broadspire will access all your records and personal information in an attempt diminish your claim. They would have the ability to inquire into unrelated medical problems.

“Better Call Stahl” Grand Rapids Personal Injury Attorney

If you have a hip implant, is important to contact an experienced personal lawyer who can help protect your legal rights while ensuring you receive the medical care and pain and suffering recovery. Gerald R. Stahl is licensed in 4 states Michigan, Colorado, Arizona, and Illinois. He has 33 years of experience in the area of helping victims of negligent conduct recover for their injuries. He is a member of numerous organizations including The American Association for Justice and he is a Fellow in the National College of Advocacy. Gerald R. Stahl is conveniently located on East Beltline in Grand Rapids near Knapp’s Corner and the 63rd District Court. Call 616-456-7372.