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Super Drunk Driving Law – Gerald R Stahl is Grand Rapids DUI and OWI Attorney

Jan. 14, 2020

Super Drunk Driving Law – Gerald R Stahl is Grand Rapids DUI and OWI Attorney

Have You or Someone You Know Been Charged under Michigan’s Super Drunk Driving Statute?

Effective October 31, 2010, the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code was amended adding a new definition of drunk driving applicable to drivers with bodily alcohol content (BAC) of .17 or more grams of alcohol in their body. Drivers convicted under this new definition will be subject to enhanced punitive and license sanctions and will also be required to undergo one year of alcohol treatment. The enhanced punitive and license sanctions will apply only to first time high BAC offenders. Second and subsequent offense license and punitive sanctions will remain unchanged regardless of the driver’s BAC. The reason for this is that current overall punishment for repeat offenders is still greater than that established for super drunks.

Super Drunk Driving Penalties

Another change that will apply to both repeat offenders and first time high BAC drivers is a one year alcohol rehabilitation requirement. Under the new law, however, alcohol rehabilitation will not be mandatory for the traditional first offense drunk driving.

One harsh reality of the high BAC offense under the new law will be that the Secretary of State will suspend driving privileges for one year. The offender will not be able to drive for the first 45 days, however, during the remaining 320 days the driver is entitled to restricted driving privileges but only if he or she pays to have an alcohol breath interlock device installed in his or her car during the period of suspension.

The penalties for a high BAC drunk driver will also be increased. This will include a higher potential fine of not less than $200.00 or more than $700.00 and a change in potential jail time with a maximum of not more than 93 days being increased to a maximum of not more than 180 days. If a person is charged under Michigan’s Super Drunk Driving they need an experienced DUI lawyer.

The new law will also make drunk driving far more expensive because it is the driver’s responsibility to install a breath interlock as well as the monthly fees required to maintain it. The statute also provides that repeat drunk driving offenders who have had their drivers license revoked and received their restricted license requiring a breath interlock device must use an interlock device for not less than one year. And if a person is required to use an interlock, a conviction for operating a car not equipped with one requires immobilization of the car from 90 to 100 days. The bottom line on this new law will be that the law is more complicated and it will be more important than ever for people charged with driving with a high BAC to retain the services of an tough and knowledgeable drunk driving attorney.

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