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Traumatic Brain Injury

The Best Traumatic Brain Injury Claims Lawyer

Traumatic Brain Injury Claims can be Devastating

Accidents involving the rapid acceleration/deceleration of a motor vehicle in an accident can result in traumatic brain injury claims. Essentially what happens during a serious auto crash is the head and neck are whipped back and forth at a rapid rate, the brain within the skull bounces from the front to back or side to side. This causes a brain deformation in terms of changes to the shape and volume of the brain. In Michigan, a brain injury is a serious impairment of a bodily function allowing recovery per se for pain and suffering.

Normally during a traumatic brain injury, structural damage involves physical destruction of the tissue or cell and functional damage involves the loss of certain functions that one would normally perform. However injuries such as ‘shear force injuries’ where the axons shift or shear with respect to each other thereby causing injury to the brain without it physically being apparent. Loss of ability to function may occur without the presence of any structural damage and the extent of the damage may not be completely evident early on.

Psychologists and neuro-psychologists are often used to perform examinations to show the extent of the functional loss after traumatic brain injury events. These functional losses can include emotional swings, loss of memory, photosensitivity, noise sensitivity, vision problems, speech problems, and numerous other functional difficulties. TBIs are especially tragic for the individual as well as the individual’s family. The cost of recovery from a traumatic brain injury can be great as well as frustrating to the victim. The Law Offices of Gerald R Stahl has successfully litigated numerous cases involving brain-injured victims.

In Michigan, all these factors and symptoms are considered by a jury in determining the ultimate award of damages by a jury.

Similarly, an insurance company will be forced to base their settlement on these factors. Let Gerald R Stahl’s 35 years of experience as a personal injury and auto accident lawyer go to work for you.

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Methods of Detecting Brain Injury

There are several methods that doctors, psychiatrist and psychologists use to detect brain injuries. One such method is the EEG or the electroencephalographic. The EEG can be valuable in its ability to reflect immediately on the functional modifications of the brain as they occur making an EEG a valuable complement to clinical and neuroimaging methods for head injuries.

Two other methods of defining or discovering concrete brain injuries are computed tomography or (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). With the use of an MRI or CT scan, the physician may be able to discover abnormalities in the brain. However, this may not tell the physician what the actual symptoms or extent of the brain injury will be manifested. In the case of an MRI, the physician may study the MRI scan and be able to determine the degree of altered consciousness number and location of abnormalities.

They also may be able to discover the distribution of the legions and their correlation with the symptoms of traumatic brain injury. Physicians often take MRI scans or CT scans throughout the different recovery stages of a head injury. A thorough discussion of the methods of some of these scientific methods of discovering a brain injury can only be had with a qualified expert physician. Although these are some of the scientific methods these are not all-inclusive nor are they the only methods used in detecting pathology of a brain injury.

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Holland, MI Traumatic Brain Injury Claims Lawyer

Gerald R Stahl has represented brain-injured victims of auto and semi-truck accidents in Holland, and Western Michigan since 1982. If you or a loved one sustained a brain injury after an accident, contact Gerald R Stahl for a free consultation. You deserve the best personal injury law firm. Gerald R Stahl does not charge an attorney fee unless the client recovers money damages.