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Case Results

  • Wrongful Death– $1,000,000 dollar settlement.

    • Case Conclusion Date: 06.29.2017.

    • Case details were confidential under the settlement agreement

  • Car-Semi truck– $1,300,000 dollar settlement

    • 30 year old women who was a passenger in a car traveling northbound on a highway. Semi truck turned directly onto the road in front of the car and the vehicles collided. She sustained a closed head injury resulting in cognitive difficulties including impaired memory, perceptual and sensory functions. She has limited range of motion and suffers pain her neck shoulders and back. She was previously a school bus driver earning $16,000.00 per year.

  • Car-Van– $909,000.00 settlement

    • Jury verdict for women rear-ended by a large utility van while turning into work driveway. She suffered a closed head injury with memory loss, constant headaches requiring daily pain medication, and photo sensitivity. She lost her job of 11 years, but was eventually able to obtain lesser employment.

  • Commercial Vehicle Failure to stop at stop sign/Country Road– $550,000.00 Settlement

    • 2 young men in their early 30’s who sustained serious injuries while on their way to work after a commercial vehicle ran a stop sign. Their vehicle was south bound on country road when commercial vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign causing a high impact collision. The driver of the car sustained multiple head trauma and was air lifted to emergency. The passenger in the car sustained a fractured leg requiring emergency surgery and placement of internal fixations. He also required emergency surgery for blunt force gastrointestinal damages. Additionally, both clients suffered permanent scarring.


    Case name


    Dog Attack facial scarring


    Uninsured Motorist Causes Crash

    The Case was settled for the policy limits $100,000.00.

    Unsupervised Dog Incident

    Parties Settled for $175,000.00

    Wrongful Death Settlement


    Moving Violation Causing Serious Injury 2 Misdemeanor Counts

    All Criminal Charges Dropped

    ATV Accident

    $250,000.00 policy limits settlement

    Semi Tractor Accident

    $100,000.00 Settlement

    West Michigan Head on Collision

    $290,000.00 Settlement

    Uninsured Motorists Head On Collision

    Client Received Policy Limits under her Uninsured Motorists Policy

    Head on Collision

    $32,500.00 Settlement

    Rear End Collision Settlement

    Settled for $50,000.00 during litigation.

    Car Accident Failure to Yeild

    Settlement $125,000.00

    Rear End Collision with Shoulder Injury

    Settlement $43,000.00

    Illegal Hosting-Not Guilty

    Found Not Guilty after Bench Trial

    Theft Charged-Dismissed

    Case Dismissed

    Auto Accident-Failed to Yeild

    Settled for $100,000.00 policy limits

    Drunk Driving (OWI)- Dismissed

    Case Dismissed

    Car Accident-Underinsured Motorist

    Additional $60,000.00 paid under Uninsured Motorists Policy

    Car Accident


    Felony Assault by Strangulation and Unlawful Entry

    Both charges Dismissed, Defendant pled to a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence under a diversion program resulting in no criminal record

    Felony Drug Trafficing Case

    Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana with no record

    Criminal Defense-Felony Weapons

    Both Felonies Dismiised. Fines only.

    Domestic Violence Second Offense


    Head on Auto Crash

    $100,000.00 policy limits for uninsured motorists

    Auto Accident Settlement

    $37,500.00 Settlement

    Premises Liability

    $25,000.00 Settlement.

    Felony Amphetamine Dismissed


    Driving While Impaired by Alcohol Dismissed

    Criminal Case dismissed/Civil Ticket only

    Car/Semi Accident

    $165,000.00 during litigation

    Golf Cart Accident

    Settlement $45,000.00

    Car Accident with Injuries

    $35,000.00 Settlement

    Premises Liability-Failure to Warn

    Settlement $85,000.00

    Felony Possession of Controlled Substances

    Dismissed at Preliminary Exam

    Criminal Case- DUI


    Pedestrian Struck By Auto

    Settlement $90,000.00

    Pedestrian/Commercial Vehicle accident-Muskegon County

    $120,000.00 Settlement after Facilitation

    Automobile Accident- Kent County

    $95,000.00 Out of Court Settlement

    CSC 1st Degree (Rape)-Dismissed Kent County


    Semi Truck/Utility Van Accident

    Settlement out of Court $175,000.00

    Auto Accident/Commercial Vehicle

    $550,000.00 Out of Court Settlement

    Reckless Driving- Dismissed Allegan County

    Reckless Driving Dismissed/civil infraction issued

    Motorcycle/Farm Tractor Accident/Wrongful Death

    Case Settled shortly after filing $250,000.00

    Auto/Semi Truck Accident

    Settlement after litigation started $425,000.00

    Commercial Van rear ends car

    $909,000.00 Jury Verdict

    Auto/Semi Truck Accident

    1,300.000.00 Settlement during trial

    Delivery of Marijuana-Not Guilty Ottawa County

    Jury Trial- Not Guilty

    Auto Strikes City Worker on Street

    The client received the policy limits from the at fault driver and policy limits for the underinsured motorist from 2 different companies.