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Camp Lejeune Justice Act Representation Attorney in Holland, Michigan

Poisonous and Toxic Water Contamination Allowed for Decades at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base

American servicemen and civilians were unknowingly drinking and washing in poisonous water at Camp Lejeune Marine Base between the years 1953-1987. The result of this disaster was death, long term illness and suffering of American veterans and civilians. The contaminated water caused cancer, Parkinson's disease, birth defects, infertility, miscarriages and other serious conditions. The effects of exposure to toxic chemical often take years to develop. This tragedy is finally being addressed under the legislation passed by the US Senate on June 16, 2022, The Camp Lejeune Justice Act. The Government created this problem and will likely have to pay billions of dollars to help these victims.

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer in a Camp Lejeune Justice Act Case?

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act provides damages in a lump sum settlement regardless of other benefits you may be receiving. However, it will not be easy to get your fair share of compensation. In many cases it may be necessary to file a Lawsuit. The Government has deadlines and court rules that will need to be followed. You will need a skilled attorney to get your the maximum compensation.

The 5 Main Requirements to File a Camp Lejeune Justice Act Case

  1. Must be exposed to contaminated water at Camp LeJeune for at least 30 days during the years between August 1, 1953 and December 3 1, 1987.

  2. A claimant must have a verified condition related to the contaminated drinking water exposure at Camp Lejeune. Some of the examples of the medical conditions include cancer, Parkinson's disease, birth defects, infertility, miscarriages and other serious medical problems. Numerous cancer.

  3. Exclusive jurisdiction and venue will be The United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.

  4. Filing within 2 years is required. Also, before filing Camp Lejeune water contamination Lawsuit an individual must exhaust the required administrative remedies. If you receive an individual denial, he or she has 180 days to file in court.

  5. A claimant must meet the required burden of proof. The burden of proof is either sufficient evidence to conclude a casual relationship exists, or sufficient evidence to conclude that a casual relationship at least as likely as not.

The hope is that the Camp Lejeune Justice act will help right the wrongs that have been caused to the veterans and their families. Although no amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one or a life changing injury. The Law Office of Gerald R. Stahl will fight for the victims of the Camp Lejeune disaster.