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Felony Offenses Lawyer Holland, Michigan

Felony Offenses

 Felonies in Michigan involve crimes that are punishable by two years or more. These offenses are more serious than misdemeanors. A felony charge can result in serious life changing outcomes. If convicted, a defendant will face the possibility of serving time in prison, and longer terms of probation. If you have had any legal trouble in the past felonies can be enhanced as a habitual offender. This can result stiffer sentence guidelines. However, with an experienced lawyer the defendant may avoid the harsh consequences of a conviction.

 A defendant should always defend and fight the charges in a felony case. These convictions will also impact future in many negative ways. For Instance, a  client’s ability to be able to obtain employment and surviving background checks.  In many cases there are mitigating circumstances or defenses that will help a defendant fight the charge or get the charges reduced.

 Examples of felony charges in Michigan include:

Felonious Assault

Felony Theft


Felony Drug Charges

Third Offense OWI’s

OWI Causing Death

OWI Causing Serious Injuries

Fleeing and Alluding

Felony Property Damage


Second Degree Murder

Felony Murder

1st Degree Murder

Conspiracy Charges

 Felonies can be divided into classes in Michigan:

 Felonies can be divided into levels of certain crimes based upon different factors. These factors can enhance the penalties in some cases. For example, felonies involving property theft or property damage may carry stiffer sentencing based upon the value of the property destroyed or stolen.

 In murder cases, First-degree murder is “premeditated” and carries with it mandatory life in prison. Second-degree murder, on the other hand, is defined as all other kinds of murder. There are also lesser murder charges such as voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and negligent homicide that carry much less of a prison sentence.  

Facing a Felony Offenses

Fighting Felony Charges in Michigan:

Prosecutors will always aggressively prosecute felony cases in Michigan courts. The Law Offices of Gerald R Stahl have successfully defended client charged felonies in all West Michigan Courts. There are several defenses to felony charges. For instance, a defendant may be justified in their action because they were acting in self defense.  A defendant could be mistakenly identified. In the case of mistaken identity, the defendant may have an alibi. A defendant could be coerced into a confession or entrapped resulting in charges. Additionally a defendant may have been subjected to and improper search and seizure.  These are some of the issues the defense attorney will consider in a felony defense.

 Plea bargaining:

 In many felony cases the defendant will benefit greatly from a plea bargain. For instance, in a recent case handled by Gerald R. Stahl in Allegan County Circuit Court, a client charged with third offense OWI. This is commonly referred to as felony drunk driving.  Upon completion of the case with plea bargaining, the client was able to avoid prison and served the minimum required jail time of only 30 days. The statute in that client’s case allowed for up to 5 years in prison. The client chooses to plea bargain instead of risking prison. In another recent plea bargain case in Grand Rapids District Court, the defendant’s OWI charge was reduced to operating impaired and the prosecutor recommended no jail.

 In a recent case in Ottawa County, Gerald R. Stahl had a client investigated for a felony sex offense. However, in that case, after meeting with police and giving a statement with the attorney present the prosecutor declined to file charges against the client.

 Hire an experienced attorney:

 Gerald R. Stahl is passionate about helping people in Western Michigan that are arrested on felony charges. When a person is arrested for felony it is often traumatic experience. Regardless of how far your criminal case has progressed, your number one priority when accused of a felony is to retain a skilled Michigan criminal defense attorney.