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Vaginal Mesh Implants

Jan. 14, 2020

Serious Injuries Caused to Victims of Vaginal Mesh Implants

The FDA acknowledged that there are serious complications associated with vaginal mesh or bladder slings for transvaginal POP repair. There have been thousands of reports from patients, regarding serious injuries and complications occurring as a result of the vaginal mesh and bladder sling.

What is medical use for vaginal mesh implants?

The bladder sling/vaginal mesh product is implanted during surgery POP diagnosis. The vaginal mesh in some cases piercing the surrounding tissue and puncturing the organs in the body such as the bladder or uterus. The mesh can also move around under the skin and cause serious injuries.

What injuries can be caused by implanting vaginal mesh?

The injuries that women are suffering from this mesh implant are severe and disabling. Infection is another complication of mesh implants. The material the mesh is composed of is capable of causing infection because the material itself is a can foster the growth of bacteria. Complications from these infections include incontinence, extreme pain during intercourse, back pain, inability to walk and other painful problems. If the infections spread through the whole body it could lead to death.

Further complications for vaginal mesh patients

Since the Mesh is implanted under the skin, it is very difficult to remove. Doctors are sometimes unable to remove all of the mesh which by that point has become attached to the tissue, causing chronic problems.